How to make Cuff stop talking as much in Forspoken
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Within your first hour in Forspoken, you’ll be greeted by the character known as Cuff. While he prefers to go by “Vambrace,” Cuff is the magical bracelet that Frey puts on while near Holland Tunnel in New York City. Unbeknownst to her, that magical bracelet transports her to the world of Athia, which lies in a different universe entirely. In Athia, Cuff begins to speak to Frey, offering her advice and providing her with a magical weapon to fend off Athia’s dangerous creatures. While Cuff is certainly helpful at the beginning of Forspoken, he has a slightly annoying habit of talking too much.

The habit applies to both Cuff and Frey, as each character likes to speak their mind every five seconds in Forspoken. Whether you’re in a cutscene or simply traversing the world at your leisure, it’s difficult to go 10-15 seconds without hearing either character’s voice. While there’s nothing you can do about Frey talking too much, you can quiet Cuff to a degree with a simple setting in Forspoken.

Turn off Cuff talking in Forspoken

Frey using the cuff's power in Forspoken
Provided by Square Enix

The main issue that many players have with Cuff and Frey’s frequent conversations is that they happen at random points during the game. If players are simply running to their next destination, Cuff and Frey will start talking without any prompt. This will happen often throughout a single run from one location to the other.

If you want to turn off their idle conversations, read the following steps:

  • Press Esc or Options to get into the Forspoken menu while in-game
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Accessibility Settings
  • Scroll down to Cuff Settings
  • Set Cuff Chat Frequency to “Minimal”

Turning this setting down will drastically reduce the number of times you’ll hear Cuff and Frey converse in Forspoken. While it won’t completely turn Cuff off, it will make you hear less of him, and, in turn, Frey.

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