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There’s plenty to experiment with in the sandbox browser game Infinite Craft, but once you get color, the possibilities open up greatly.

This phrase might seem like something you can get to easily, but you’re going to be surprised. Color happens to be one of the trickiest outcomes to get in the game, according to our testing, but it is possible to reach, and once you do it will open up a new realm of possibilities.

Making Color in Infinite Craft

While the concept of color seems simple, getting there on Infinite Craft isn’t easy. In fact it will take you almost 30 steps with a path going all the way to the White House. Yes, you’ll need the President to get color, but don’t stress! We’ve got the solution.

Here is the best path to get color in Infinite Craft:

  1. Fire + Fire = Volcano
  2. Fire + Water = Steam
  3. Steam + Earth = Mud
  4. Mud + Fire = Brick
  5. Water + Water = Lake
  6. Lake + Water = Ocean
  7. Ocean + Earth = Island
  8. Steam + Water = Cloud
  9. Cloud + Water = Rain
  10. Rain + Water = Rainbow
  11. Island + Rainbow = Paradise
  12. Paradise + Paradise = Heaven
  13. Heaven + Paradise = Angel
  14. Angel + Heaven = God
  15. God + Mud = Adam
  16. Adam + God = Eve
  17. Adam + Eve = Human
  18. Human + Human = Family
  19. Family + Brick = House
  20. House + House = Town
  21. Town + House = City
  22. City + City = Metropolis
  23. Metropolis + City = Megalopolis
  24. Megalopolis + Human = Politician
  25. Politician + Human = President
  26. President + Human = Obama
  27. Obama + Rainbow = Hope
  28. Hope + Obama = Change
  29. Change + Rainbow = Color

That’s it! You’ve now unlocked color. Of course, like any word in the game, there’s a variety of other ways you can reach this outcome, however, from our testing this is the best and fastest of the bunch.

You may even stumble upon a better solution by accident, so don’t stop experimenting but should you need to unlock color now, that’s how we would recommend doing it.

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