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Batman isn’t just one of the most popular superheroes ever, he’s also a term that you can create in Infinite Craft with some clever combinations.

We get why you would want to find Batman. Having this as a term opens up a whole list of new possibilities and fun combinations to put together in-game, and to help you get there we’ve got the best route from a fresh start to get Batman.

Making Batman in Infninte Craft

Making Batman Infinite Craft
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You don’t need to shine the Bat signal to unlock Batman in Infinite Craft, instead, you can get there simply by using elements available right from the start of the game.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get from Water and Wind all the way to Batman:

  1. Water + Wind = Wave
  2. Wave + Wind = Storm
  3. Fire + Water = Steam
  4. Earth + Wind = Dust
  5. Earth + Water = Plant
  6. Fire + Wind = Smoke
  7. Steam + Storm = Rain
  8. Earth + Steam = Mud
  9. Dust + Earth = Planet
  10. Plant + Water = Swamp
  11. Steam + Wave = Surf
  12. Fire + Steam = Engine
  13. Smoke + Wind = Cloud
  14. Rain + Storm = Flood
  15. Fire + Mud = Brick
  16. Planet + Water = Ocean
  17. Surf + Swamp = Lagoon
  18. Cloud + Engine = Jet
  19. Engine + Plant = Car
  20. Brick + Flood = Wall
  21. Lagoon + Ocean = Sea
  22. Car + Jet = Flying Car
  23. Sea + Wall = Cliff
  24. Cliff + Flying Car = Batman

That’s one way to get to Batman in Infinite Craft. While this is the best way we have found, there are multiple paths to get any word in Infinite Craft so you might just stumble upon Batman while experimenting with other options.

If you happen to find a quicker way to get to Batman make sure to leave a comment below so we can stay in the loop.

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