How to make a tent shelter in Sons of the Forest
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The dangerous island in Sons of the Forest is full of mutant creatures, tricky terrain, and plenty of mysterious elements to keep players engaged for hours on end. During the early parts of the survival-horror game, your main objectives will be to gather materials, learn the map, and complete a few missions using your GPS. However, in order to make your life easier and safer, you will eventually need to put a roof over your head. The first shelter that you can build in Sons of the Forest is the tent shelter.

This structure is about as basic a base as you can get. You have a tent and not much else. Although, this is all you need to get started and keep yourself safe when nighttime hits and the mutants begin to come out in waves. A shelter is also helpful as it allows you to sleep and save the game. If you want to learn the basics behind building a tent shelter in Sons of the Forest, keep reading the guide below.

Making a tent shelter in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest tent shelter
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For starters, you will need to access the Guide Book, which lets players know exactly what they need to build a tent shelter. You can view the Guide Book by pressing the “B” key or going through your inventory. You’ll find that all you need to build a tent shelter is a stick and a tarp.

Of course, the next part of this task will be to find those materials. A tarp can be found at the beginning of Sons of the Forest by going through every case on the beach. Sticks are found all throughout the world, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.

Once you have both materials, equip the tarp from your inventory and then lay it out on the ground. Then, place the sticks on the tarp and you will construct the tent. If you want an even stronger shelter, you can view your Guide Book’s blueprints page (press Switch View) and then see what resources are needed to buff up your living situation. You’re able to make a Hunting Shelter, for example, and then mark the area where you want it to be once you’ve collected the necessary materials.

In the end, though, you will still have a livable tent shelter that allows you to sleep and save the game in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest help, you can read our previous guide on how to find a Shovel or how to equip inventory items.

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