How to make a Fan from a Korok Frond in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has introduced a plethora of new mechanics into the series. From the Ultrahand to new abilities for Link, players will feel like they’re playing with an entirely new skill set in Tears of the Kingdom. In addition to the new mechanics the game has introduced, players can also combine many of those mechanics to create new objects for themselves. One such object players can make in Tears of the Kingdom is a fan that’s made out of a Korok Frond.

A Korok Frond is a large leaf that players immediately thought they could use as a fan in Hyrule. One of the most popular uses for a Korok Frond fan is to turn it into a sail on a makeshift boat. This allows players to cross large bodies of water and determine what direction they are going. Of course, players could also want to make a Korok Frond fan, also known as Korond-Frond Gusters, for their own satisfaction.

If you’re struggling with the process in Tears of the Kingdom, allow me to fully explain how to make your new fan.

Making a Fan from a Korok Frond in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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The ingredients to the Korond-Frond Guster recipe are a single Korok Frond and a Tree Branch. With these two items, you can drop the frond on the ground and have the branch as your primary weapon. Then, you can use your Fuse ability to combine the Korok Frond and the Tree Branch together, making a Korond-Frond Guster.

You can find Korok Fronds all over Hyrule and across the Sky Islands. You can find them, add them to your inventory for future use, and go about your day. As for Tree Branches, the same can be said, as they’re basically found on the ground in every region of the map. Of course, you can find them more near trees, but they don’t have a single spawn point.

And that will do it for making a Korok Frond into a fan in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a neat experiment and perfect use for the Ultrahand, especially if you already have a boat geared up and ready to go.

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