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In the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailers, you see Link with a hood lowered instead of covering his head. If you want this look, you might be disappointed when you put on the Hylian Set and can’t figure out how to remove the hood. But there’s luckily a way to style the outfit a little bit further down the main storyline.

How to get the Hylian Set in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll first need to purchase the Hylian Set to get access to the Hylian Hood. This can be purchased at the Armor Shop in Lookout Landing. This spot is located south of Hyrule Castle. To get access to this area, you’ll need to leave the Great Sky Island tutorial zone.

The Hylian Hood stands out because it’s the only hood that covers Link’s head completely. But if you want Link to take it off like he does in the trailer, you’ll have to complete a few things:

  1. Head to Hateno Village and start the Mayoral Election
  2. Have the Hylian Hood on
  3. Head to Cece at her shop
  4. Pick the option: “Sure, I’ll Remove It.”

How to unlock Cece’s Clothing Shop

Team Cece or Team Reede?' quest steps, reward in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom  - Polygon

When you get to Hateno Village, you’ll need to complete the main story to unlock her clothing shop. The questions you’ll need to complete include:

  • Team Cece or Team Reede?
  • A Letter to Koyin
  • A New Signature Food
  • Reede’s Secret
  • Cece’s Secret

When all these quests are complete in this area, you can speak to Sophie at the clothing shop to start the mayoral election. But you’ll need to make sure the weather is clear. This will wrap up the main story and give you access to Cece’s Clothing Shop. You’ll find a lot of great merch for sale and finally be able to style your Hylian Hood.