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Dark and Darker drops players into a creepy dungeon and has them gather as much loot as they can and then escape through a portal before time runs out. This unique take on a survival game includes a lot of character customization by way of leveling up. If you want to make it easier to escape dungeons with your life, check out this guide on leveling up quickly.

Leveling up in Dark and Darker explained

Leveling up in Dark and Darker doesn’t work exactly like you’d expect. Unlock other games, your stats won’t increase. Instead, you want to level up in order to gain Perk Slots:

  • Level 1: 1
  • Level 5: 2
  • Level 10: 3
  • Level 15: 4

For now, that’s all you get out of leveling up. At least for now.

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What is the Class Training tab? 

Players have noticed that there’s a Class Training tab in Dark and Darker that’s currently unavailable. But this is possibly where players will increase stats in the future.

Here is what to keep in mind:

If you’re a Barbarian, you will want to level up your raw damage or tankiness. Wizards should build up their spell cast speed or spell damage. And Rogues should put levels into their agility or strength. The choice is yours. For example, a Rogue with more agility is focused on looting and escaping while strength will make you have a stronger stabbing capability.

How to level up in Dark and Darker

If you want to level up in Dark and Darker, you need to gain EXP. You can gain EXP in a number of ways. Here’s how to get some EXP before you run to the portal with your loot:

  • Kill NPC enemies or other players
  • Open chests
  • Leave the dungeon with loot
  • Activate portals
  • Go further into the dungeon
  • Escape the dungeon

If you want to gain EXP quickly, there are a few things to keep in mind. The blue portal is worth more, as is the red portal deeper into the dungeon. Earn even more EXP by defeating the boss near the red portal. Just remember: Don’t die!