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Ubisoft is highly aware of connectivity issues and glitches that oftentimes seem to plague the launches of game betas. Because of this, Ubisoft is providing you, the players, with a tool in the form of an ever-evolving list of known issues with The Division 2. This expanding listing can be found at Ubisoft’s official forums if you are interested in seeing what problems others have found during the private beta weekend.

Before the beta even started up this morning, Ubisoft was aware of two existing issues. Now, if you attempted to jump into the beta today for an extended period, some Xbox and PC gamers may have had trouble with the game crashing. Furthermore, PS4 players are probably seeing a slide in performance after three or more hours of gameplay. If you are experiencing these issues, the recommended course of action is to restart the game client every few hours.

Also, if players receive invites from their buddies, accepting the invite from outside the game will result in a crash at the launch of the game. Therefore, the solution seems obvious given the issue. So, if you do receive an invite, boot up the game first, and then accept. By the way, this issue plagues all platforms.

Something strange seems to be occurring in the world of video games as development teams and publishers are finding that their lives are easier if they are entirely transparent with their audience. So I welcome this course of action and can appreciate the ongoing listing of known issues. The only way to ever truly find the majority of the bugs in modern day games is to simply play them over and over again. And even then, bugs and glitches will never be 100% wiped from a game.

Be sure to check out the list and report any issues you might experience during the beta. And Agents, stay tuned to Daily Esports for the latest on The Division 2.