How to join the United Colonies (UC) Faction in Starfield
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The United Colonies (UC) is the second major Faction that you will encounter in Starfield. They are the governing body over the city of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison and are trying to maintain humanity’s connection with the former Earth. Constellation and other Factions don’t tend to agree with the UC’s methods of running things, but they still remain one of the biggest organizations in the Settled Systems. So you might be interested in how to join the United Colonies Faction in Starfield.

Aside from Constellation, the United Colonies is actually the first Faction you will be able to join. You can find their headquarters at the large MAST building in the center of the Spaceport district in New Atlantis. And that’s where your UC journey will begin if you choose to join the Faction in Starfield.

Joining the United Colonies Faction in Starfield

Inside the MAST building, you need to walk up to the man behind the Vanguard desk on the left side of the lobby. You can either visit this location on your own or through the Constellation questline with Sarah Morgan. When speaking to the man, you will be asked to join the UC Vanguard, which is the Faction’s patrol force.

join the United Colonies (UC) Faction in Starfield
Joining the UC Vanguard. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Becoming a member of the Vanguard is how you join the Faction, so you need to agree to all of the terms if you want to become a true United Colonies member. Once you agree to enlist in the Vanguard, you can head down in the elevator to reach the Vanguard Orientation floor. Here, you will walk through a hall that explains the history of the UC and other Factions in the Settled Systems.

join the United Colonies (UC) Faction in Starfield
Head down to the Vanguard Orientation floor. | Screenshot via Upcomer

At the end of the hall, you can access a Vanguard terminal to formally begin your enlistment. From this point on, you can partake in Vanguard quests and earn your way to becoming an official United Colonies citizen. Citizenship perks include being able to buy property in New Atlantis, so it’s worth it if you really like the city on Jemison.

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And that’s everything you need to know about initially joining the United Colonies in Starfield.

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