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The XDefiant open beta is underway and it’s looking like a possible challenger to the classic Call of Duty franchise. FPS players are having a blast learning the ropes of this action-packed shooter, especially because there’s full crossplay support so you can play with friends across all platforms.

There’s nothing better than playing a multiplayer shooter with friends. So let’s take a closer look at how to add and team up with friends in XDefiant.

How to add friends on XDefiant

The first step to playing with friends is to add friends. Here’s how:

  1. Open Ubisoft Connect
  2. Go to Friends and Groups
  3. Click on Add Friend, located on the left side of the screen
  4. Enter your friend’s username and click Search
  5. Select Add to Friends when you find them

Once your friend accepts your request, they will be automatically added to your friend list. Then you can invite them to play some games with you.

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How to invite friends on XDefiant

Here’s how to have your friends join your lobby:

  1. Start up XDefiant
  2. Click Social in the main menu
  3. Scroll through your friend list to find who you want to invite
  4. Click on their name
  5. Select Invite to Party

XDefiant parties not working

If you noticed the above invite steps not working, you’re not alone. Closed beta participants have been consistently reporting a major issue where they can’t party up with friends.

The invite system has been malfunctioning, creating a lot of frustration for gamers that want to experience the cooperative shooter with friends. When trying to play with friends, gamers keep receiving an error that reads: Failed to Join party, Group not found.

Ubisoft is aware of the issue but so far there seems to be no solution.