How to interrogate enemies in Warzone 2
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There are plenty of new mechanics that have arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The developers have tried their best to distinguish the sequel from the original, and this includes adding new features that have never been seen before. Some of the new features include new ways to purchase loadouts, new AI-only locations that hold rare loot, and additional ways to get around the map, among many other things. However, an underrated addition in Warzone 2 is the ability to interrogate enemies.

This mechanic has seemingly flown under the radar due to the massive amount of new content the game has received in other areas. Although, if used correctly, the interrogation mechanic could be a huge difference-maker for teams in Warzone 2. We’ll go into more detail about the feature and how players can take advantage of it in the guide below.

Interrogate enemies in Warzone 2

Provided by Activision

Before we explain what the interrogation mechanic lets players do, we’ll go over how to do it. First, players need to down an enemy in a squads-based game mode in Warzone 2. This basically means any mode besides Solos. Next, players can approach the downed enemy and interact with them, which acts as the interrogation. The interact button will appear on the screen, so players don’t have to worry about pressing a specific button that they don’t know.

Once players interact with the downed enemy, they can look at their mini-map. All of that enemy’s teammates still left in the game will appear on the map, via red dot pings. The enemies will also appear in a red outline on the map itself, similar to how Snapshot Grenades work. This lasts for a short time period, so players need to be vigilant right after they interrogate an enemy.

If you’re looking to use this mechanic, you should be careful. While interacting with a downed enemy, you’re leaving yourself exposed for other enemies to shoot you. This mechanic should only be down in a dire situation or if you’re sure no other enemies are around you and your team. Also, the enemy being interrogated can call for help, which marks you on the mini-map for the enemy’s teammates to see. It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of mechanic that players will learn how to use better as Warzone 2 goes on.

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