How to heal yourself in Dead Island 2
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Contrary to what some players might think, Dead Island 2 is by no means an easy-going, relaxing zombie shooter game. While you can get lost in the rhythmic flow of bashing zombies in across Hell-A, there are only a few moments in the game when you truly feel safe from the hordes of undead coming after you. Especially if you’re playing solo, you will have trouble defeating zombies in most areas of the game. As such, players will want to know exactly how they can heal themselves in Dead Island 2.

While you might not need to heal at every major juncture in Dead Island 2, if you’re anything like me, you will completely forget to heal when it’s most important. I found myself dying multiple times because I simply didn’t realize a zombie did so much damage to me. If you want to learn exactly how to heal in Dead Island 2, keep reading the guide below.

Heal yourself in Dead Island 2

The first and foremost way of healing yourself is to use a Medkit. You can craft a Medkit at a Workbench once you have found the blueprint for it, which we went over in a previous guide. However, you are only allowed to have five Medkits maximum in Dead Island 2. This means you will likely be running out of them quite quickly unless you manage to loot them while exploring the map. To use your Medkit, simply hit the dedicated “Heal” button. For me on PC, this was “H” by default. Once you have used the Medkit, your health will be restored.

Dead Island 2 heal
Medkits are the primary method of healing. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

There are two other ways of healing in Dead Island 2. The first is to eat a Protein Bar, which are green wrapper food items that you can find scattered across the map. Every major building or area will have at least a few of these healing items, so make sure to eat all of the ones you find to keep your health up. However, if you’re at full health, you won’t be able to eat or store the Protein Bars, so keep that in mind.

The final way of healing is to drink an Energy Drink. These are tall, black cans that are also found quite commonly, usually right next to a Protein Bar. The Energy Drink restores your health faster than a Protein Bar and also allows you to go above your maximum health range. You should prioritize consuming Energy Drinks over Protein Bars for this reason.

And that’s all of the ways to heal in Dead Island 2. It’s not much, so make sure you are always crafting Medkits and keeping an eye on your health bar in the top left corner of the screen.

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