How to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld
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If you’re trying to work through your Base Upgrades in Palworld, you will eventually have to build a Wheat Plantation. Just like the Berry Plantation you had to build for an earlier upgrade, the Wheat Plantation requires Wheat Seeds in order to craft it in Palworld.

Of course, this creates a bit of a dilemma, as you need the Wheat Plantation to harvest Wheat Seeds, but you can’t make the Wheat Plantation without the seeds. This means you need to find another way of acquiring the Wheat Seeds if you want to further your Base Upgrades. To see exactly how to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

Finding Wheat Seeds in Palworld

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There is one easy method you can take advantage of if you want to get Wheat Seeds, which is to visit a Wandering Merchant. The merchants carry both Berry and Wheat Seeds in their inventory and you can buy the Wheat Seeds for 100 Gold each.

Wandering Merchants can be fairly rare to find, but there’s one located at an early game location in Palworld. You can find a merchant at the Small Settlement fast travel point, which is located southwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower. This settlement has a Wandering Merchant, who wears a red cloak, standing in a hut down the hill from the fast travel point.

Screenshot via Upcomer

By going to the merchant and talking with them, you can access their inventory and purchase all the Wheat Seeds you need. Of course, this also means you need to have the right amount of Gold in your inventory at the time you go to buy the seeds.

With the Wheat Seeds now in your possession, you can head back to your base and build a Wheat Plantation to progress your Base Upgrades. If you’re interested in making a second base, check out my previous guide on the best map locations for base number two in Palworld.

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