How to get the Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16
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As you continue to progress in Final Fantasy 16, you will need more and more crafting materials to create stronger gear for Clive. Whether this is a new sword or a piece of armor, more advanced crafting materials are a necessity as your level continues to rise.

While there are plenty of materials you will find over and over again, there are also some that are incredibly sparse in Valisthea. One of those materials is the Wind Shard, which has one major use in Final Fantasy 16.

Just like all of the other elemental shards, including the Earth Shard, you can only obtain the Wind Shard by defeating the Eikon associated with its element. In this case, the Warden of Wind, Garuda, is the Eikon you need to defeat. Here’s what I did to defeat Garuda and get the Wind Shard.

Getting the Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16

Wind Shard Final Fantasy 16
Provided by Square Enix

You can acquire the Wind Shard during the main story quest called Awakening. In this quest, you face off against both Benedikta and her Eikon, Garuda. As mentioned earlier, you will earn the Wind Shard as a reward for finally defeating Garuda. Once that’s done, the item will be placed in your inventory, ready to use.

It seems as though you can only obtain a single Wind Shard throughout a playthrough of Final Fantasy 16. Even if you replay the Awakening quest, you will not be able to earn another Wind Shard.

Once you have a Wind Shard, though, you can craft the Stormcry sword at a Blacksmith. Stormcry has 135 damage and 135 stagger damage and only requires the Wind Shard for its crafting recipe. However, don’t get too attached to Stormcry, as other swords will surpass its stats relatively soon in Final Fantasy 16.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about getting and using the Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16.

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