How to get the Travel Medallion in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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The map of Hyrule is bigger than ever in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While players have some options available to them to cut down their travel time between locations, nothing beats a solid fast travel system. Fortunately for players, there are three primary ways of fast traveling in Tears of the Kingdom, and the Travel Medallion is one that players will be using a ton.

The Travel Medallion is essentially a portable fast travel point that players can use over and over. All you need to do is place a Travel Medallion on a spot where you want to fast travel to, and then you will be able to fast travel to that exact spot at any time. Even better, you can infinitely pick up the medallions as you play, so you can always have a desirable fast travel point in Tears of the Kingdom.

Getting the Travel Medallion in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You can start your quest to obtain the Travel Medallion by beginning Robbie the Researcher’s questline in Tears of the Kingdom. This particular questline is begun in Lookout Landing by talking to Robbie. Robbie is located in the same general area as where you find Purah. After speaking to them, you will get the chance to explore the Chasm, an underground section of Hyrule.

Once you’re done talking to Robbie, they will head directly to the nearest Chasm point, which is south of Lookout Landing. The Chasm you’re looking for is Hyrule Field, and it’s marked by a giant red hole in the ground. Jump into the hole and keep following Robbie, using the Lightroots along the way to mark your trail.

Eventually, after completing the quest in the Chasm, you will head back out and speak to Robbie again. This will prompt you to show him the Camera feature and after you do, Robbie will disappear to Hateno Village. However, before he reappears there, you need to progress the main story quest further. At some point, Robbie will appear at the village, which is south of Lanayru, and you can speak to them about upgrading your Purah Pad. Complete this quest and return to Robbie at his lab in the village.

Finally, this will prompt Robbie to tell you about his previous lab in Akkala Highlands. Head there by going due northeast and clear out the Yiga Ninja enemies. With them out of the way, enter the lab and speak to Konba, the NPC inside. After speaking to them and acquiring some nice Ninja Armor, you can acquire the Travel Medallion by opening the chest in the back of the room.

Go back to Robbie in Hateno Village to receive a total of three Travel Medallions. While you only have three, these are not a one-time use item. You can put them on the ground and then pick them back up as much as you want. Once you place a Travel Medallion down, a blue circle will appear, indicating that’s where you will fast travel to.

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