How to get the Repeating Aspect in Diablo 4
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Offensive Aspects are hugely important in Diablo 4, as they allow players to enhance their attacking skills and deal more damage to enemies. The Rogue class in particular relies on these Aspects more so than other classes due to the fact that they have a large selection of offensive skills available to them. As such, Rogues will likely want to acquire all of the Offensive Aspects that they can in Diablo 4, such as the Repeating Aspect.

The Repeating Aspect is only equippable for Rogues and has the following effect: “Rapid Fire has a [30-45]% chance to ricochet to another target.” It can only be equipped on 1H weapons, 2H weapons (100% increased power), Gloves, Amulets (50% increased power), and Rings. If you want to add the Repeating Aspect to one of your gear pieces in Diablo 4 but need to know where to start looking, check out the guide below.

Getting the Repeating Aspect in Diablo 4

Around half of the Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 can be obtained in two different ways while the other half are only acquired through one method. The Repeating Aspect falls into the one-method category. If you’re not familiar with how Aspects work in Diablo 4, this is a bad thing.

The Repeating Aspect cannot be obtained by completing a dungeon and instead is only acquired through extracting it from a legendary item. The item you extract it from needs to be found through a random loot drop in Diablo 4, meaning there is no way to ensure that you receive the Repeating Aspect.

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If you happen to find a gear piece with the Repeating Aspect, then you can bring it to The Occultist and extract the Aspect from the gear. This will destroy the gear and then place the Aspect into your inventory, where you can then equip it onto another piece of gear.

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