How to get the Nailgun in Dead Island 2
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Out of all of the weapons that you will come across in Dead Island 2, perhaps the most unique is the Nailgun. This compact but powerful weapon is just like any other semi-automatic gun in the game, as it shoots projectiles that damage enemies. However, players are shooting nails instead of bullets. Despite the Nailgun’s small stature compared to a rifle or shotgun, it can rip through enemies with ease, giving Dead Island 2 players a true desire to find it.

Unfortunately, the Nailgun was one of the final weapons we were able to loot in the game. Also, its location is hidden and likely won’t be found by many players unless they find the right off-beaten path to search. If you want to ensure that you get to use the Nailgun before the game concludes, keep reading the guide below.

Getting the Nailgun in Dead Island 2

For starters, I was not able to find the Nailgun until the quest “The End of the Line,” which is one of the final story quests that you go on in Dead Island 2. It’s possible you can find another earlier, but this was the first possible encounter I had with the weapon. In this quest, you head underground to try and make it to Hollywood, where a certain a doctor has scurried off to. We won’t say anything more about the quest to avoid any spoilers.

When you are underground during this quest, you are looking for a specific area, which is shown in the screenshot below.

Dead Island 2 Nailgun
The location you’re searching for in Dead Island 2. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

Once you manage to reach this location, which is a small office room just out of the way of the main quest route, you will have to bypass some security measures. This includes some electric and fire hazards. After passing them, you will be able to open a crate next to a dead worker. This crate will contain the Nailgun.

The crate with the Nailgun in it. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

You can now equip the Nailgun from your weapon wheel. It is of superior rarity and requires the use of nail ammunition. We suggest aiming for the head with the Nailgun, as it can sometimes one-shot kill enemies thanks to its overwhelming power.

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