How to get the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2 Stay Human
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One of the biggest returning items in Dying Light 2 Stay Human from its predecessor is the Grappling Hook. This form of movement made its debut in the original Dying Light and is back in its sequel. However, when players start up a new playthrough, they’re surprised to see the Grappling Hook is not available from the get-go. It’s not even given to you within the first several hours of the story. However, you shouldn’t worry about missing it, as the hook is given to you automatically during a main story mission.

That mission is around the halfway point of the main story, though. You will need to advance quite a bit before getting access to it. The following guide will tell you exactly when you acquire the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2 and how to use it. The following instruction does not contain spoilers.

Unlocking the Grappling Hook in Dying Light 2

The mission that unlocks the Grappling Hook is called “Broadcast.” The objective of this quest is to scale the VNC Tower in the Central Loop. This is the tallest skyscraper in the city and you’ve most likely thought about scaling it prior to even starting the Broadcast mission. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to, as you need the Grappling Hook to do so.

During the mission, you will receive the Grappling Hook so you can finally reach the top of the tower. The hook will now be found in the Nightrunner Tools part of your inventory and can be brought out whenever you see fit from the quick select wheel.

Unlike in the original Dying Light, you can use the hook to swing between ledges. Think of it as one of the ropes hanging around the city. Additionally, the Grappling Hook can only attach to yellow objects. Thankfully, these are plentiful on buildings in the Central Loop. If you see one, whip out the Grappling Hook, aim it at the object and swing across to the location you’re trying to get to. You can also use the hook on other objects but it won’t really do anything. Like with the paraglider, you can upgrade the Grappling Hook to reach farther distances and do other things it couldn’t before.

The Grappling Hook is an unmissable acquisition in Dying Light 2. You’ll want to make it to the broadcast mission as soon as possible to unlock it.

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