How to get the Frostburn Gloves in Diablo 4
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The ability to freeze enemies is one of the strongest combat methods in Diablo 4. Getting free shots at an enemy or having the chance to move into a better position without the threat of being attacked is a valuable boon. Players can use this combat method to their advantage using certain skills in Diablo 4, but equipping gear like the Frostburn Gloves makes your freezing power even stronger.

The Frostburn Gloves are a unique item that carries four base affixes and a legendary Aspect. The four affixes on the gloves are extra critical strike chance, cold damage, freeze duration, and a lucky hit to restore your primary resource. The legendary Aspect has the following effect: “Lucky Hit: Up to a [15 – 25%] chance to Freeze enemies for 2 seconds.”

They can be equipped by any class, making them a strong piece of gear for your early endgame builds in Diablo 4.

Getting the Frostburn Gloves in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Unique Gloves Guide

Since the Frostburn Gloves are a unique item, this means there is no guaranteed way to receive them as a drop in Diablo 4. Instead, players will have to simply get lucky and hope the gloves drop from killing an enemy or opening a chest.

To increase your odds of getting unique drops in Diablo 4, you can complete Nightmare Dungeons, run through Helltide events, and exchange 10 Grim Favors for a cache at the Tree of Whispers. If you complete Tree of Whisper quests, make sure to select the cache that specializes in gloves, as this gives you a much better chance of seeing the Frostburn Gloves drop.

If you’re also playing in Season 2, you can try to farm Duriel, King of the Maggots. This boss is near the end of the Season of Blood questline and players have been using the boss to farm legendary items. However, this is still not the greatest method of trying to find the Frostburn Gloves, as Duriel is a difficult boss to defeat and can take a while.

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Aside from that, you have to hope the RNG is on your side when trying to find the Frostburn Gloves.

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