How to get the Expelliarmus Disarming Charm in Hogwarts Legacy
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The one spell from the Harry Potter books and movies that has stuck with a majority of fans is “Expelliarmus.” The Disarming Charm, as it’s known, is used to remove a weapon from a person’s hand. In the Wizarding World, this is usually a wand. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, some enemies have weapons much more dangerous than a wand, meaning Expelliarmus is an even more important spell for players to know. Unfortunately, Expelliarmus is not a spell that players have access to from the start of Hogwarts Legacy.

Instead, players must wait and complete several main story quests before they gain the ability to learn this vital spell. If players want to see exactly when they get to add Expelliarmus to their spell binder, they can check out the guide below.

Learning Expelliarmus in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Expelliarmus
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As with most new spells in Hogwarts Legacy, Expelliarmus is the reward for completing a professor’s Assignment. In this case, players must complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2, which requires them to use Incendio on five enemies and dodge roll to avoid enemy attacks 10 different times. Heading out into the surrounding hamlets and inside dungeons is the best way to complete this assignment quickly. We found that fighting Dark Mongrels was the easiest method of avoiding enemy attacks using a dodge roll.

Players will only get to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 once they finish the main story quest titled “Secrets of the Restricted Section.” The Assignment will appear in the player’s quest journal shortly after completing this quest. After you have completed Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2, return to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to speak with the professor. She will then give you the Expelliarmus spell to learn.

You can now add the spell to your active profile and test it out on a training dummy inside the classroom. To use Expelliarmus, all you need to do is focus on an enemy that has some kind of weapon in their hands. Wizards or witches with wands, statues with battleaxes, and goblins will be the most common enemies you’ll be using Expelliarmus on. Once you use it, the weapon will fly out of your enemy’s hand, leaving them vulnerable for a short period of time. They will eventually pick their weapon back up, though, so keep using Expelliarmus to take full advantage of it.

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