How to get the Early Access Campaign rewards in Modern Warfare 2
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The Early Access period for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign begins one week from today. Players who digitally pre-ordered any version of MW2 will receive access to the game’s Campaign beginning on Oct. 20. You can see what exact time the mode releases in your time zone by reading our previous article (LINK). To give fans even more incentive to play the Modern Warfare 2 Early Access Campaign, Activision recently announced a set of rewards for players who complete the mode.

These rewards can be used in multiplayer and Spec Ops as well as in Warzone 2 when it launches on Nov. 16. It seems that all of the rewards are unlockable by completing the Campaign in its entirety. Fans who don’t complete the mode won’t receive any of the rewards. These rewards are also open to all players, not just those that play the Early Access version starting on Oct. 20. Players that play during Early Access simply have a headstart on unlocking all of the rewards.

Below, you can see all of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign rewards.

The Modern Warfare 2 Early Access Campaign rewards

In total, there are eight rewards that we know of. However, Activision has specified that players can “Finish the Campaign to earn these [rewards] in-game items and more.” So it seems that even more rewards could be coming for those who complete the Campaign.

Here are the rewards we know of as of right now:

  • Hutch, Chuy, Reyes, Nova Operators 
  • Union Guard weapon blueprint for the M4
  • What’s Done is Done Emblem 
  • 60-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Soap’s Determination Calling Card

As in Modern Warfare 2019, it appears that players will need to play and complete the Campaign to unlock certain Operators in multiplayer. Hutch, Chuy, Reyes, and Nova can only be unlocked through the Campaign while a majority of the other Operators can be unlocked through multiplayer. There’s also an M4 weapon blueprint up for grabs in addition to a 60-Minute Double Weapon XP Token and two cosmetics.

These rewards certainly warrant playing through the Campaign, especially for those who have one week to play before the full game releases on Oct. 28.

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