How to get the Bladedancer's Aspect in Diablo 4
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No matter what class you are playing as in Diablo 4, you are likely on the lookout for the best Legendary Aspects to equip on your weapons and gear. Aspects can completely change your build, as they allow you to utilize skills or certain stats to your advantage. For all of the Rogue players out there, one of the best aspects you can pick up in Diablo 4 is called the Bladedancer’s Aspect.

The official description for this aspect is: “Twisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing 10-15% of Twisting Blades’ return damage per hit. Based on the distance the blades returned, the orbit damage increases up to 20-30% of the return damage.” Seeing as Twisting Blades is one of the best overall skills for the Rogue, you might be anxious to add this aspect to your Codex of Power.

However, the process of obtaining the Bladedancer’s Aspect is quite complicated in Diablo 4.

Getting the Bladedancer’s Aspect in Diablo 4

The Bladedancer’s Aspect is the reward for completing the Jalal’s Vigil dungeon. Once you complete this dungeon, the aspect will be added to your Codex of Power and you can equip it onto a compatible item at The Occultist.

Of course, if you have tried to visit the Jalal’s Vigil dungeon previously, you were likely met with an empty discovery. This particular dungeon is tied to a specific story mission in Diablo 4. In order to unlock Jalal’s Vigil, you need to complete Act 2 missions in Scosglen until you reach the mission “Stemming the Flow.”

Once this mission is complete in Act 2, the dungeon will be unlocked. You can then run through it, unlock the Bladedancer’s Aspect, and use it on your gear as a Rogue in Diablo 4. The exact location on Jalal’s Vigil is in the northeastern corner of Scosglen, as seen in the screenshot below.

Jalal's Vigil in Diablo 4
The location of Jalal’s Vigil dungeon in Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

And that’s everything that you need to know about acquiring the Bladedancer’s Aspect in Diablo 4. The aspect is only usable on one-handed and two-handed weapons, gloves, amulets, and rings. If you use the aspect on an amulet, its power is increased by 50%, so I recommend using the Bladedancer’s Aspect on your best legendary amulet.

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