How to get the best early game spacesuit in Starfield
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You have a few different armor slots for your character in Starfield. There are the helmet, pack, apparel, and spacesuit slots, all of which need to be filled with a different item. While these will usually be filled with different items, there are some complete sets of a spacesuit that allow you to fully match with the same-looking suit, helmet, and pack. These sets are in high demand and often have a high price tag or difficult location associated with them.

However, that’s not the case with one particular spacesuit that is considered the best set in the early game of Starfield. Here’s exactly how to get the best early spacesuit in Starfield that can carry you well into the later sections of the game.

The best early game spacesuit in Starfield

The spacesuit set in question is called the Mark I, and it’s available in the basement of The Lodge. One of your first missions in Starfield is to visit The Lodge so you can meet with the members of Constellation and give them the Artifact you found at the beginning of the story.

the best early game spacesuit in Starfield
The Mark 1 spacesuit. | Screenshot via Upcomer

After you have met with everyone and seen the cutscene with the Artifact, you’re able to fully explore The Lodge. If you head out of the main Artifact room and toward the exit, you can enter the basement through a door on your left, right underneath the stairs. Head down to the basement and you’ll find plenty of workbenches and other stations to craft supplies and research projects.

Keep progressing beyond this room and go down the hallway. In the room straight ahead, you will find a mannequin inside a display case next to some paintings on the ground. This is basically a storage closet, and the display case has a Master lock on it. This means you can’t lockpick it until you progress your Lockpicking ability to the Master level.

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However, if you stand in a certain spot, you can actually peer through the glass and interact with the mannequin. This allows you to view and loot the entirety of the Mark 1 spacesuit set.

The spot you need to stand in is just off-center to the left of the case. I stood right in the doorway to the closet and looked at the crack that’s to the left of the handle, as seen in the screenshot below.

the best early game spacesuit in Starfield
Where to stand to loot the Mark 1 spacesuit. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You’re looking to see the “Mannequin” text pop up on the screen and not the Display Case – Master text. Once you see the word Mannequin, press your interact key and loot the Mark 1 spacesuit. You now have an incredible spacesuit to start your journey in Starfield.

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