How to get the Backstabber medal in COD Mobile
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Throughout COD Mobile’s many seasons, players are often presented with challenges that they must complete in order to earn exclusive weapons and other cosmetics. However, sometimes these challenges feature tasks that are foreign to the player base. One such task that has stumped players for years involves the Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile.

Some players have no idea how to earn one of these medals in COD Mobile. While the name of the medal suggests it has to do with a knife, the community isn’t sure what to do beyond that. This article will show players exactly how they can earn a Backstabber medal and the best ways to go about earning it.

Getting the Backstabber medal in COD Mobile

If players want to see the exact description for the Backstabber medal in COD Mobile, they can navigate to their profile achievements list. This will bring up all of the medals currently in COD Mobile and how many times the player has earned each one. For the Backstabber medal, the description reads:

  • Killed an enemy from behind with an equipped melee weapon

Players must equip a knife or other melee weapon, find an enemy, get behind them, and then press the fire button. This will eliminate the enemy and earn players the Backstabber medal. However, players need five of the medals for Sharpened Skills.

To earn the medals quicker, players can head into an objective-based game mode, like Hardpoint or Domination. This also needs to be on a small map, like Nuketown, Rust, or Cage. Finally, players can equip a flashbang grenade to blind enemies. Once an enemy is blind, the player can move behind them and have their melee weapon do the rest.

The Backstabber Medal is often associated with seasonal challenges or events, so now you should be able to breeze through whatever task the Backstabber medal is associated with.

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