How to get the Aspect of Burning Rage in Diablo 4
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Barbarian has been one of, if not the, most popular class since Diablo 4 was released. It was found to be extremely powerful, especially when players were taking advantage of the Whirlwind build. While Blizzard has nerfed the Barbarian class several times, it still has a terrific slate of skills and abilities. Of course, if players want to truly bring their build together, they will need the perfect complementary Aspects.

One of the best Aspects that Barbarians can pick up is the Aspect of Burning Rage in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of Burning Rage has the following effect: “While Berserking you deal [X] Fire Damage every second to surrounding enemies.” It can only be equipped on 1H weapons, 2H weapons (100% increased power), Gloves, Amulets (50% increased power), and Rings. Since the Barbarian class has so many skills that trigger the Berserking buff, this Aspect can make players much more powerful on the field.

I know I had it equipped at all times, as the extra fire damage you deal almost becomes a crutch.

Getting the Aspect of Burning Rage in Diablo 4

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to guarantee yourself the Aspect of Burning Rage. There is no dungeon that you can complete to add the Aspect to your codex of Power.

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Instead, you need to find a random piece of legendary gear that already has the Aspect equipped on it. From there, you can bring the gear to The Occultist and extract the Aspect from it. This process destroys the gear and adds the Aspect to your inventory.

You can then imprint the Aspect of Burning Rage onto another piece of gear, but you can only do this once. So it’s best to wait to equip your one-time use Aspects until you’re sure of the gear you’ll be equipping it onto.

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