How to get the Aspect of Berserk Fury in Diablo 4
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If you’re playing as a Barbarian in Diablo 4, then you are likely relying on the Berserk buff in some capacity. Berserking grants your character extra damage and movement speed, making it a terrific buff for the popular Whirlwind Barbarian build specifically. As such, many players will be after certain weapons and Legendary Aspects that allow them to take even more advantage of the Berserk buff.

The best Aspect you can acquire to accomplish this is the Aspect of Berserk Fury.

The Aspect of Berserk Fury can only be equipped on Rings for the Barbarian class. It has the following effect: “You gain [3-6] Fury per second while Berserking.” Since many abilities on the Barbarian’s skill tree grant players Berserking, this Aspect is extremely useful, as you leverage your Berserking with gaining more Fury.

The more Fury you have, the more time you can spend casting skills and keep Berserking for longer. It’s a great combat cycle, but you can only achieve it by acquiring the Aspect of Berserk Fury.

You can see exactly how to obtain that Aspect by checking out my guide below.

Getting the Aspect of Berserk Fury in Diablo 4

Unfortunately, the Aspect of Berserk Fury cannot be acquired easily in Diablo 4. Unlike other common Aspects in the game, you can’t complete a dungeon to add this Aspect to your Codex of Power.

Instead, you need to find the Aspect on a random legendary Ring that you have looted from killing an enemy or opening a chest. If you find the Aspect on a random legendary Ring, then you either wear the Ring or bring it to The Occultist. At The Occultist, you can extract the Aspect of Berserk Fury from the Ring, which will destroy the Ring but add the Aspect to your inventory.

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From here, you can go to Imprint screen at The Occultist and add the Aspect to a new legendary Ring. I have managed to find the Aspect of Berserk Fury on a few different Rings throughout my Barbarian playthrough, so you just have to be patient.

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