How to get the 100 Hit Combo Streak Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy is full of dozens of achievements that players can spend their time hunting down. While some of these achievements can be earned by simply playing the game, others will require some serious attention and effort. A trophy that has been singled out by the community as being one of the tougher ones to complete in Hogwarts Legacy requires players to get 100 hit combo streak.

Whenever you’re in combat, you can look in the bottom right corner of the screen, near your Ancient Magic Meter, and see that a number will be going up. This is your combo meter, and it goes up one number every time you hit an enemy without being hit yourself. For this specific trophy in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to reach 100 hits in a row without being damaged. That’s quite the task, as enemies can be especially tricky to out-maneuver in Hogwarts Legacy.

Luckily, some community members have discovered an easy way around this trophy.

Get the 100 Hit Combo Streak Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to easily earn this trophy, all you need to do is find an Inferi enemy. These are the enemies that come out of the ground and can only be damaged once they’ve been exposed to some kind of fire. You can find some Inferi along the east side of the river north of Keenbridge. This town is found south of Hogwarts.

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Once you find an Inferi pack, you need to eliminate all but one of them. Then, don’t cast any fire spells on this single enemy, and make sure they haven’t been damaged before. With those requirements in place, you can keep casting basic attacks on the Inferi without any worry that you’ll damage it. You can easily do this 100 times without being hit, as the Inferi are relatively slow. Once you’ve managed to get your combo meter to a streak of 100, you will earn this trophy in Hogwarts Legacy.

Other enemies you can complete this trophy on are single spiders and trolls. You might need to use the Imperio Curse on trolls in order to get them to stop attacking you, but they have so much health that 100 hits won’t kill them, making them a great enemy to complete this trophy on.

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