How to get Stronghold Keys in DMZ in Warzone 2
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DMZ is the newest game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, arriving yesterday with the Season 1 update. For players that have never played an extraction game before, like Escape from Tarkov, the basic mechanics of DMZ can be rather overwhelming. However, as players begin to experience the game mode, it should start to make more and more sense. Still, there are certain elements of DMZ that are not supposed to make sense right off the bat, like gathering Stronghold Keys.

Warzone 2 players will know what Strongholds are. They are basically new locations on the Al Mazrah map, which is shared between Warzone 2 and DMZ, that are controlled by AI enemies and hold rare loot. The Strongholds work differently in DMZ and Warzone 2, though, as players need to get a Stronghold Key to gain access to the location in DMZ.

Getting Stronghold Keys in DMZ

We’ll begin by simply explaining where players can acquire a Stronghold Key. The only place where you can get one of these keys is a Buy Station. These work just like they do in Warzone; players can buy items in exchange for cash. However, in DMZ, players can also sell items that they find in the world. Each item will have a cash value and players can add them to their inventory to sell to a Buy Station later.

The Stronghold Keys specifically cost $5,000, so players will need collect a large amount of cash before they can buy one. If players manage to save up that amount of cash, they can use their map to locate a Buy Station and then travel to it. At the Buy Station, press the “Purchase” box and then buy a Stronghold Key. This will need a space in your backpack.

With the key in your inventory, you have one of two options. You can choose to exfil with the Stronghold Key, which will add it to your Key Stash in DMZ. Then, you can take the key back into the next match with you. You can view your Key Stash on the loadout screen of DMZ, as seen below.

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The other option you have is to stay in your current match after buying the key and making your way to a Stronghold. You can find Strongholds by looking at your map. At the Stronghold, you can use the key to open the front door. Inside, you’ll find a ton of AI enemies but an equally large amount of loot. Make sure to go into the Stronghold with a solid arsenal of weapons and equipment, otherwise, the AI will make short work of you.

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That’s everything you need to know about getting Stronghold Keys and using them in DMZ. If you’re curious about other DMZ details, you can read our previous guide on how to activate UAV Towers or where to find The Chemist to unlock the M13B.

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