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Niantic have a habit of releasing shiny legendary Pokémon into Pokémon GO, but at a price. Earlier in the year, shiny Jirachi was available. Now, you can catch your own shiny Mew, one of the most loved legendary mons in the game. But there’s a catch. Here’s how to get your shiny Mew.

Mew, the mythical Pokémon

The legendary 151st ‘mon first appeared in Pokémon GO in through a series of research tasks. These were the Mythical quests, and on completion, you encountered the adorable Psychic Pokémon, Mew. The quest was free and granted all players their own Mew, but not a shiny.

Now, trainers are given the chance to capture the shiny version of Mew. But it’ll cost you.

How to get shiny Mew

Shiny Mew will take a bit of work to acquire, and it will cost you. Trainers wanting to encounter this shiny legendary Pokémon will have to pay for it. From now until Wednesday July 12, 8pm your local time, there will be a special ticket available via in the in-game store. It’s called “All-in-One #151 Masterwork Research Ticket.”

This Masterwork Research Ticket can be purchased for $4.99 USD directly from the in-game shop. Once trainers have purchased the ticket, the Masterwork Research will become available. Complete the research tasks to encounter shiny Mew.

Shiny Mew is back as part of the seventh anniversary Pokémon GO event. You heard that right. PoGo is now seven years old.

Pokémon GO is celebrating seven stellar years, and it’s time to party! (Image: Niantic)

By completing the Masterwork Research Task, you’ll also receive:

  • Shiny Mew avatar shirt
  • 18,018 XP
  • 11.550 Stardust
  • 3 Rare Candies
  • 1 Poffin
  • 1 Incense
  • 102 Ultra Balls
  • 20 Mew Candy

But hurry, the Masterwork Research Ticket will only be available through the in-game store for another few days. Once you’ve purchased the ticket, it will never expire. Complete the four-staged research tasks to encounter Mew and collect your rewards along the way.

But what if I don’t want to pay?

Since the introduction of paid in-game events, Pokémon GO has exploded with hundreds of ticketed events, exclusive items, and more. Pokémon GO still has lots of surprises in store for fans who don’t want to—or can’t afford—to pay to encounter Shiny Mew.

Throughout the seventh anniversary event, you can see lots of party-hat themed mons in the wild. This includes previously seen party hat Squirtle and cake hat Pikachu. Both these mons will have increased spawning in the wild and can be shiny. There’s also increased spawns of Meowth, Ponyta, and Togedemaru. Meowth and Ponyta have chances of being shiny, as well as Galarian Ponyta and Absol. Party hat Wartortle and Blastoise will be available for the first time and can be encountered in the wild.

Each day of the celebrations, different starter mons will be appearing more frequently. Check the blog post to see what’s available on your chosen day. There’s also various event bonuses including increased chance of Lucky Friends, increased Lucky trade chances, and lots of catch bonuses.

If you really want more from the anniversary event, and you have some dollars spare—or rather one—you can buy the “7th Anniversary Party Timed Research Ticket” for $0.99 USD. This research task, like Mew, will give you lots of extras including XP, Raid Passes, Lucky Eggs, and more.

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