How to get Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4
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Throughout your time in Diablo 4, you will find that crafting materials will often be a necessity in order to progress in the game. While you never need any crafting materials to complete a main story mission, you will need them to upgrade your weapons and armor.

And let’s face it, without synchronized and upgraded gear, your life in Sanctuary will be 10 times as difficult. One of the crafting materials you will need from time to time in Diablo 4 are Scattered Prisms.

These pointy, silver objects will only be required if you are looking to add a socket to your gear at the Jeweler. At the time of writing, Scattered Prisms are not used for anything else in Diablo 4. So, it’s possible you might never need the resource throughout your playthrough. However, if you happen to find a Legendary item that suits your build perfectly but doesn’t have a gem socket, then you’ll need to know where to find Scattered Prisms.

I will explain exactly where you can find this rare crafting material in Diablo 4 in the guide below.

Getting Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4

get Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4
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There are currently two ways you can acquire Scattered Prisms. The first and easiest way is to kill Treasure Goblins. These rare enemies are found randomly throughout the map in Diablo 4 and will run away from you at first sight. They are marked on your map as a hunched-over goblin icon and drop gold as they are running away, which allows you to track them. Treasure Goblins have plenty of health, so killing them won’t be a quick endeavor.

Upon killing a Treasure Goblin, they will drop plenty of gold, crafting materials, and other items. If you’re lucky enough, one of those items will be a Scattered Prism or two.

The second way of obtaining Scattered Prisms comes through defeating World Bosses. Currently, there are three World Bosses in Diablo 4, Ashava, Avarice, and Wandering Death. You cannot take on a World Boss until you have defeated the main story of Diablo 4 and you must also wait for the World Boss to appear at a scheduled time. If you manage to defeat one of them, they will almost certainly drop Scattered Prisms.

Basically, if you want to add sockets to your gear during the main story of Diablo 4, you have to find and kill Treasure Goblins. Otherwise, you will need to wait until after the main story and for a World Boss to appear.

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