How to get rid of a Wanted level in Palworld
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If you have been unlucky enough to be caught committing a crime in Palworld, then you’ve likely received the “Wanted” status. This status appears in the top-right corner of the screen and also displays what level of Wanted you currently are. While this status doesn’t affect your ability to catch Pals or build out your base, it can be annoying to deal with the PIDF guards that spawn when you’re Wanted.

To see how you can ditch your Wanted level in Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

Getting rid of a Wanted level in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

Unlike other games that feature a crime system, there’s only one concrete way to go about ditching a Wanted status in Palworld, which is to run. All you have to do to get rid of the PIDF guards and the red Wanted status on your screen is to get as far away from the guards as possible. Or, if you don’t have any guards near you, get away from whoever caught you committing a crime in the first place.

Eventually, after you’ve run away from or even defeated the PIDF guards that spawn when you become Wanted, your status will disappear. Once the red Wanted level has disappeared from your screen, you’re no longer suspected of committing a crime and can go back to playing like you normally would.

Even if you attacked an NPC by accident, for example, once your Wanted level is gone, you can safely return to that NPC and they won’t attack you or call for guards. I made the mistake of misclicking and shot at a Wandering Merchant, but once my Wanted level was gone, the merchant was no longer hostile toward me.

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My advice, if you become Wanted, is to run or glide away from any guards that might spawn near you. While you can try to defeat them, the PIDF guards have a ton of HP and strong guns. So the best thing to do is run until you’re out of sight, which shouldn’t take too long, as the guards don’t pursue you for more than a minute or two.

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