How to get more healing potion charges in Diablo 4
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One of the most important items that you have in your inventory in Diablo 4 is your healing potions. By default at the start of the game, you will have four healing potions to replenish your health when it drops during combat. However, if you’re playing on a harder World Tier or fighting a tough enemy, you will begin to realize that only four potions aren’t going to cut it in some cases. To combat this, you can actually increase the number of healing potion charges that you have in Diablo 4.

However, the game does not explicitly say how you can go about doing this. Instead, you will have to figure it out on your own. Or, you can simply read the guide below, which tells you everything you need to know about increasing your health potion charges.

Getting more healing potion charges in Diablo 4

Currently, the only way to obtain additional healing potion charges is to earn more Renown in Diablo 4. If you’re unaware of what Renown is, it’s basically another form of XP that affects a different kind of level from your normal character level. This level is strictly related to each area of the map that you can explore.

Diablo 4 healing potion charges
Diablo 4 explaining how to earn more healing potion charges. | Provided by Blizzard

For example, you can earn Renown in Fractured Peaks, which will only affect your Renown level for that specific region. As you increase your Renown level in each region, you will unlock various bonuses. You can see what levels unlock what bonuses by going to your map and then clicking the rewards page.

This relates to your healing potion charges because one of the level rewards for increasing Renown is an extra charge. The maximum amount of healing potion charges you can have in Diablo 4 appears to be 10, which is a stark difference from the four you start out with.

However, not every Renown level will have a reward of an extra charge. This means you will have to go around to all areas of the map and increase your Renown level until you earn all of the possible extra charge rewards.

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