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Mega Evolution was a huge innovation when it first made its way to the Pokémon series in Generation 6. It allowed the developers to expand on returning Pokémon even after they reached the three-stage evolution line limit. In addition, Mega Evolution started the trend of each Pokémon generation introducing a new battle mechanic, with Z-Moves, Dynamaxing, and Terastallization following it in more recent games.

In 2020, Pokémon were able to Mega Evolve for the first time in Pokémon GO. The mechanic borrows some attributes from its equivalent in the main series games while also adapting it in a way that makes sense for Pokémon GO.

Here’s what to know about how to obtain Mega Energy in Pokémon GO.

How to get Mega Energy in Pokémon GO

The primary method for getting Mega Energy in Pokémon GO is taking on and defeating Mega Raids. When you defeat a Mega Evolved Pokémon in a Raid, you will receive between 150 and 250 Mega Energy for that specific monster, depending on how quickly you conquered it.

It’s important to note that Mega Energy is Pokémon-specific. For example, if you wanted to Mega Evolve a Venusaur, you would need to collect Venusaur Mega Energy by facing a Mega Venusaur in a Raid Battle.

If you have Mega Evolved a Pokémon at least once, you can collect more of its Mega Energy by appointing a member of its evolutionary line as your buddy. So, if you’ve already used Mega Venusaur before, you could collect more Mega Energy by walking around with a Bulbasaur. Finally, you can also get Mega Energy as a reward if you complete certain research tasks.

How to Mega Evolve

Mega Energy in Pokémon GO
Mega Energy is only necessary to Mega Evolve any one Pokémon a single time. | Provided by The Pokémon Company

If you have collected enough Mega Energy for a certain monster in Pokémon GO, you will be able to Mega Evolve it by clicking the Mega Evolution icon that appears in the top left corner of your Battle Party. This will take you to a screen where you can tap again to Mega Evolve the eligible Pokémon.

Mega Evolution lasts for eight hours, after which the Pokémon returns to its normal form. Once it returns to normal, the Pokémon enters a rest period of up to one week. Afterward, you can Mega Evolve it again without spending any Mega Energy. Alternatively, you can spend Mega Energy at a discounted rate to Mega Evolve it before its rest period is over.

You are only allowed to Mega Evolve one Pokémon at a time. If one Pokémon is already Mega Evolved and you opt to Mega Evolve another, then the current one will return to its normal form prematurely. This causes it to enter its typical rest period, meaning you will have to spend Mega Energy if you change your mind and want to Mega Evolve it again.

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