How to get Lost Ark Twitch Drops
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After its 2019 launch in South Korea, Lost Ark makes its way to North America, Europe, Oceania and Latin America on Feb. 11. While the public launch date is still a few days away, some players and streamers already have been granted early access.

Players who purchase a Founders Pack on Amazon or Steam will receive early access to the game from Feb.8. The Founders Pack also includes inventory filled with exclusive items to help players in-game.

Lost Ark drop events

Saphia slot
Players who purchase a Founders Pack on Amazon or Steam will receive early access to the game. | Provided by Smilegate RPG

To celebrate the launch of Lost Ark in the West, the game’s developer Smilegate will host the Legends of Lost Ark event to give exclusive Twitch Drops. This event will run from Feb. 8-28 and includes three teams from Europe, Latin America and North America. These teams will race to unlock the best Twitch Drops for their channel.

Each team, with a name to represent their region, consists of 20 content creators. The objectives completed by each team will determine the rewards their viewers will receive. Players can track teams’ progression as they complete objectives on the Legends of Lost Ark site. The Legends of Lost Ark Drops come in different tiers and will unlock as teams complete certain objectives. Higher scores from teams will unlock better Drops as well.

Additionally, there will be a Saphia Pet Selection Chest reward. Players who watch Legends of Lost Ark Drops Enabled streams for four hours, between Feb. 7 and March 7, will receive one of six unique Saphia Pets.

All Legends of Lost Ark Drops

Tier 1: Battle Item Chest

  • Contains a Battle Item Chest 3-pack, Regulus’ Light Currency Chest (100,00 Silver), and an Amethyst Shard Pack (1,500 Shards)

Tier 2: Arkesia Paper Hat Chest

  • This chest unlocks one of five paper hats

Tier 3: Helgaia Pet Chest

  • This chest unlocks one of four Helgaia pets

Tier 4: Neugier Gold Mount

  • This mount allows players to move swiftly throughout Arkesia

How to get Lost Ark Twitch Drops

Anyone who wants to earn Lost Ark Twitch drops must log in to the Twitch and ensure their profile is set to “Online.” After this, you need to watch any Lost Ark broadcast with the “Drops Enabled” tag.  So, if you watch a stream without the “Drops Enabled” tag, you will not receive any drops, regardless of the time spent watching. You must watch four hours of a stream from Feb 8-28 in order to earn each unlocked drop.

Furthermore, for Legends of Lost Ark events, you can only earn a Drop once it has been unlocked by one of the three teams. If you achieve the Drop goal, you can claim the drop from within the chat window or your Drops inventory.

After claiming the Drop, you must link your Twitch and Lost Ark steam account to receive the items in-game. All drops earned will appear in player inventory within 24 hours. Only players that purchased a Founder’s Pack can access their Drops before Feb. 11.

Additionally, there will be several exclusive Lost Ark content packs for all Prime members. The first of these packs is a battle item pack containing Crystalline Aura, Amethyst Shard Pack and a Battle Chest Bundle.

All items will be available in-game from Feb. 11 for players without the Founder’s Pack.

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