How to get into the Counter-Strike 2 limited test
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With the recent reveal of Counter-Strike 2 and the announcement of a limited test, here is a rundown of how to get into it. Much like a closed beta, only specific players will be able to get in and try out the core of the latest game in the Counter-Strike franchise.


Specific players only for Counter-Strike 2

To start, only a small group of players will get into the Counter-Strike 2 limited test. There isn’t an application system per se… Instead, it’s just players who will get invitations and ones who won’t.

As mentioned in the tweet above, there are a variety of factors around getting into the limited test. First off, playtime on Valve servers, trust factor and a good Steam account standing are the best things to have if you want to get into the limited test. But, as mentioned in the tweet, Valve aren’t limiting to just those factors, so make sure to check.

How to get into the Counter-Strike 2 limited test

Players will know if they can access the Counter-Strike 2 limited test inside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When you log in, specific players will get an invitation from Valve to play CS2.

If you get the invitation, simply click the ENROLL button and the limited test will start downloading. The amount of invitations sent will ramp up over time, so the initial group of players starting on Mar. 22, 2023 will be much smaller than the amount playing a week afterwards. Make sure to check in CS:GO to see if you have an invitation, or wait until launch in summer 2023.

As for the limited test itself, Valve already confirmed that it will just be deathmatch and unranked competitive on Dust2 only.

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