How to get Free League of Legends Skins with Twitch Prime
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Riot Games has partnered with Twitch for another iteration of free loot. Fans with a Twitch Prime subscription can pick up a free mystery skin in League of Legends. Through this promotion, a free Little Legend is also available in auto-battler Teamfight Tactics.

Free League of Legends skins

Both promotions for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics end on January 6. To claim the Twitch Prime loot, simple link your League of Legends account in your Twitch settings. Then, claim the offer on the top right-hand side and the in-game cosmetic rewards will be instantly deposited.

League of Legends fans will receive a mystery skin and Teamfight Tactics players will obtain a Little Legends egg and permanent mystery emote. Players have reported receiving skins like Conqueror Karma, True Damage Yasuo, Battle Academia Lux, Spirit Guard Udyr, PROJECT: Yi, Dragon Trainer Tristana, and more from this promotion.

How to get Twitch Prime

While it requires a Twitch Prime account for redemption, most households are already paying for Amazon Prime solely for the one-day shipping feature. Enabling Twitch Prime on an Amazon Prime account comes at no additional cost, which means asking around the household won’t hurt. There is also a free 30-day trial on Prime membership with new accounts, with the option to cancel before the trial ends without charge. 

College students can take advantage of the Amazon Prime Student membership as well, which offers a free six-month trial and a 50% discount on Prime after the trial ends. Verification is simple, with users only required to sign up with their .edu email address. However, each person is only eligible for the discounted student pricing for a maximum of 4 years. 

The League of Legends rewards are not available for accounts in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, or the Philippines. The promotion will be available over three monthly periods, with one reward redeemable each time. Each account is also limited to one offer. 

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.