How to get Forgotten Soul in Diablo 4
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There are certain crafting materials that players will likely never have seen before in Diablo 4 and then suddenly, they will need that specific material. Most of the time, players will either want to upgrade their gear, so rare materials are usually required. While players will likely already know where to find items such as Baleful Fragments, Coiling Ward, or Fiend Rose, they might not know where to find Forgotten Soul in Diablo 4.

Forgotten Soul is classified as a Salvaged Material in Diablo 4 and is most commonly used to upgrade legendary gear, re-roll gear stats, or create Sigils. Some players might not need a Forgotten Soul until they are in the endgame while others will require it during their main story playthrough of the game. In any case, players need to know where Forgotten Soul comes from in Sanctuary.

Getting Forgotten Soul in Diablo 4

Forgotten Soul is described in-game as a stone, organ, and “something else.” The nature surrounding the item seems to be unclear, making it even more alluring in Diablo 4.

As of now, the only way to obtain a Forgotten Soul is to participate in the Helltide events. These events are only available to players once they have unlocked World Tier 3 after completing the main story and the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon. Once players are on World Tier 3, random in-game events will begin to happen. You will know it’s a Helltide event if an area on the map has become shrouded in red.

When there is a Helltide event ongoing, travel to that area on the map and begin running around. You are looking for ore vein deposits that are now called “Screaming Hell Veins.” These look just like the ore deposits that are found all over Sanctuary. Break open these hell veins and there is a small chance that a Forgotten Soul will pop out as a loot drop. The spawn rates for the Forgotten Soul appear to be abysmal at the moment, however.

You can also search Helltide chests for Forgotten Soul, but it’s believed those spawn rates are even worse than cracking open Screaming Hell Veins. Basically, you need to get extremely lucky and be very patient before you will be able to add any Forgotten Soul to your inventory.

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