How to get double OWL Tokens by watching the Countdown Cup
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The Overwatch League (OWL) is holding the Countdown Cup this weekend, and you can earn double the OWL Tokens by watching. Here’s how to get the tokens, and what you can use them to get in Overwatch.

What are OWL Tokens?

OWL Tokens were introduced as an incentive for players to watch the OWL back when it was on Twitch. After moving to YouTube, viewers couldn’t earn tokens by watching for a long time. Tokens are back, however, and you can once again get them for watching.

You can use the tokens to buy OWL-themed skins and content for Heroes in Overwatch. Most of the purchasable skins cost 100 OWL Tokens, but some of the exclusive and special content, such as All-Star skins, cost 200 or more.

How to get double tokens this weekend

As of right now, the only way to get OWL Tokens is by purchasing them in-game with real money or watching the OWL while logged in on their official site. To do this, go to the Overwatch League’s official site and link your Blizzard Account. Watch the games here and make sure you are logged in when viewing, and the tokens will appear on your account after watching.

The Countdown Cup is this weekend, and viewers will get double the tokens for watching. The tournaments start on Friday at 3:00 p.m. ET and goes through Saturday and Sunday. You typically get five OWL Tokens for every hour you spend watching, and that number will increase to 10 for the Countdown Cup.

This weekend will be crucial for teams hoping to secure top seeds for the OWL Playoffs in September. Teams can also earn cash prizes for winning in the Countdown Cup. With stakes this high, there are bound to be some great games. Be sure to tune in to the action and collect those tokens!