How to get Deathless Visage in Diablo 4
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If you’ve decided on the Necromancer class for your primary character in Diablo 4, then there should be certain pieces of gear to be on the lookout for. These gear pieces will either have terrific base stats and affixes or a rare Aspect that is specific to that gear. However, in the case of the Deathless Visage helm, all of the above is true.

Deathless Visage is a unique helm in Diablo 4 that is specific to the Necromancer class and is one of the best pieces of gear the undead class can equip.

Deathless Visage offers players a boost to their total armor, physical damage, critical strike damage with bone skills, and extra essence. The Legendary Aspect equipped on the Helm makes the Bone Spear skill leave behind echoes as it travels that explode for massive damage. It’s a Sacred Unique Helm and should be coveted by most Necromancer builds in Diablo 4.

So, to see exactly how you can get your hands on it, check out my guide below.

Getting Deathless Visage in Diablo 4

Deathless Visage Diablo 4
Provided by Blizzard

As Deathless Visage is an item of Sacred rarity, you will only be able to obtain it after reaching World Tier 3 and beating the main story of Diablo 4. World Tier 3 is unlocked after beating the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad.

Once you are playing on World Tier 3, you will be able to loot Deathless Visage. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Like other unique items in Diablo 4, this Necromancer helm is only available as a random loot drop.

I suggest starting with doing Helltide events and collecting 250 Abherrant Cinders. You will then need to find a Tortured Gift of Mystery and trade them in for some rewards. I also suggest completing as many Nightmare Dungeons as possible, as these offer better rewards than standard dungeons.

Other than that, though, you will simply have to get lucky and hope that the Diablo gods bestow you with favor so you’re able to loot the Deathless Visage helm.

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