How to get Blightshade in Diablo 4
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Blightshade is a crafting ingredient that players will need in Diablo 4 when they try and upgrade the potency of their healing potion or create other Elixirs and Incense. A majority of players will only need Blightshade for their healing potions, though, as the plant is used in three different upgrades.

However, if you’re someone who likes to have an Elixir for every situation in Diablo 4, then you will also need your fair share of the herb.

One of the big questions players have with Blightshade is where exactly they can find it. If you have searched the early regions of the map, then you have likely not stumbled across the bright blue plant. In the guide below, I will explain how and where you can get your hands on Blightshade in Diablo 4.

Getting Blightshade in Diablo 4

There are two main ways of acquiring Blightshade, and the first is to simply loot it from the ground. Like any other plant, Blightshade has spawn points in the ground that players can pick and then loot. However, Blightshade can only spawn in Hawezar, which is the region located directly to the south of Fractured Peaks. Blightshade is a bright blue plant, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot in the dark and dreary region of Hawezar.

get Blightshade in Diablo 4
The in-game description for Blightshade in Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

Once you enter Hawezar, you will be able to pick all the Blightshade you want, as it’s an extremely common spawn in the region. I didn’t have to go two minutes inside Hawezar to find three separate spawns of Blightshade. The amount of the herb you get is random, though, so you might need to do more looting before you have enough for what you need.

In addition to finding it as a spawn in Hawezar, you can also acquire Blightshade by opening herb caches that are rewarded to you for completing side quests. You can sometimes earn these specific caches as a side quest reward and once they are opened, will likely contain a few Blightshade.

The best way to acquire caches occurs in the endgame through the Tree of Whispers. You can exchange 10 Grim Favors for a cache of your choosing and opening that cache rewards you with random resources. Sometimes, that resource can be Blightshade. This is the easiest way to acquire caches aside from doing side quests.

As of right now, these are the two primary ways to acquire Blightshade in Diablo 4. You likely won’t need a lot of it until the endgame, but it’s better to have it early so you don’t have to go looking for it. If you’re on the lookout for other crafting ingredients, check out our guides on how to find Crushed Beast Bones and Howler’s Moss.

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