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If you’re jumping on to MW3 with the launch of Season 1 Reloaded, you may notice that the new The Boys: Supe Takedown event asks you to get kills with a Blacklight Flashlight. Here’s what to do.

The Boys are back in town: literally. After a successful collaboration in July 2023, the Amazon Prime smash hit has returned to Call of Duty once again, bringing the Supe Takedown event with Season 1 Reloaded.

Completing challenges in this event will unlock cosmetic rewards, with quests available across MW3 and Warzone. The grand prize is a special The Boys-themed camo for your weapons, so you can show your support for Vought and The Seven wherever you are.

What is the Blacklight Flashlight in MW3?

You may think that the Blacklight Flashlight is an attachment for your weapon, but it’s actually a piece of gear.

On your loadout, scroll over to the far-right, and select Gear. This is the slot that has things like EOD Padding, Tac Mask, or Ghost T/V Camo in it. Hidden in there is the Blacklight Flashlight, which shows recent enemy footsteps in your area.

A screen showing the Blacklight Flashlight, which reads "Shows recent enemy footsteps." The Flashlight is a sandy color, sitting in a grey box.
The Blacklight Flashlight is a piece of gear in MW3. Screenshot via Upcomer

How to get Blacklight Flashlight kills for MW3’s The Boys: Supe Takedown challenge

Completing the challenge is really easy. All you need to do is equip the Blacklight Flashlight to a loadout of your choice, jump into a match, and get 25 kills with it equipped.

Once you’ve done that, the challenge will be marked as complete, and you’re one step closer to that weapon camo. You’ll also get a reward for completing this challenge: A weapon charm of Terror, Billy Butcher’s loyal bulldog. Cute.

Get yourself a friend. Screenshot via Upcomer.

There you go, it’s as easy as that! Get it equipped, and that weapon charm is yours for the taking.