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There are a ton of things you can make in Little Alchemy 2 and one of the strangest is big. Yes, the opposite of small, you can make that using elements. Go figure?

As you’d expect, the process of getting from earth, water, and fire to big takes many steps, but once you know the order doing it should only take a few minutes.

Making big in Little Alchemy 2

It’s a long road to get to Big in Little Alchemy 2 and it all starts with Earth. The best way that we’ve found to get the outcome you’re after takes 24 combinations.

Here’s the complete step-by-step method to make Big in Little Alchemy 2:

  1. Earth + Earth = Land
  2. Land + Land = Continent
  3. Continent + Continent = Planet
  4. Water + Earth = Mud
  5. Air + Air = Pressure
  6. Earth + Pressure = Stone
  7. Mud + Stone = Clay
  8. Water + Water = Puddle
  9. Puddle + Puddle = Pond
  10. Pond + Pond = Lake
  11. Lake + Lake = Sea
  12. Earth + Sea = Primordial Soup
  13. Fire + Fire = Energy
  14. Primordial Soup + Energy = Life
  15. Clay + Life = Human
  16. Stone + Air = Sand
  17. Sand + Fire = Glass
  18. Planet + Fire = Sun
  19. Sun + Energy = Solar Cell
  20. Solar Cell + Sun = Electricity
  21. Glass + Electricity = Light Bulb
  22. Human + Light Bulb = Idea
  23. Human + Idea = Philosophy
  24. Planet + Philosophy = Big

This is the best way we have seen yet to make Big, however, if you have the time resource unlocked things can be sped up. Still, the method we’ve shared is something that anybody can do regardless of how much they have played Little Alchemy 2 prior.

Should we find a faster, better way to make Big this article will be updated to keep you all in the loop.

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