How to get and use Grim Favors in Diablo 4
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When you first complete the main story in Diablo 4, one of your first tasks in the post-game is to visit the Tree of Whispers. This is the tree that Elias pledged his loyalty to in order to gain information and stay alive. At the Tree of Whispers, the floating heads will tell you that there are still many problems around Sanctuary and the tree would like your help in cleaning up the map.

In exchange for completing small tasks, you will be rewarded with Grim Favors, which are used to claim rewards from the tree in Diablo 4. These rewards come in the form of loot caches that can be specified to unlock a certain gear piece or weapon. For example, you can choose a reward that is guaranteed to drop more Boots than another cache, which is important if you’re looking for a specific pair of Boots to round out your build.

This whole system can sound a little complicated at first, so allow me to explain it in more detail.

Getting Grim Favors in Diablo 4

After speaking to the tree, you can open your map and see that several new icons have appeared. These icons are pink and red-shaded stars that appear all over the five regions of Sanctuary. You can also look at the bottom of your map to see your Grim Favor bar, which lets you know how many Grim Favors you currently have.

When you have 10 Grim Favors and the bar is maxed out, you can return to the Tree of Whispers to claim a reward and reset the bar.

How to get and use Grim Favors in Diablo 4
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The pink and red stars on the map represent current opportunities to acquire Grim Favors. On your map, if you hover over one of the pink or red stars, you will see how many Grim Favors that task is worth. The red stars are almost always over dungeons, which you can enter and complete to receive five Grim Favors.

However, some of these tasks have timers, and when they expire, they will no longer give you Grim Favors. I was in a dungeon when the Grim Favor expired and even though I completed the dungeon, I didn’t get the five favors afterward.

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The other star icons on the map represent smaller world tasks that usually involve defeating a group of enemies. These are worth less Grim Favors, but take less time to complete. If you’re looking to go through the 10 Grim Favors quickly, these tasks are the way to do it. Although, they can get tiresome after a while, so I suggest swapping between the quick tasks and the longer ones to keep the gameplay loop fresh for you in Diablo 4.

Essentially, in order to acquire Grim Favors, simply go around the map to the different star icons and complete the task that’s required. Once you have 10 Grim Favors, return to the Tree of Whispers, interact with it, and you will be able to select one of three cache rewards. These caches offer different pieces of gear, so think carefully about which one you want.

The gear you unlock from the caches doesn’t guarantee a legendary or anything, though, so temper your expectations when doing Grim Favors and earning the rewards.

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