How to get a shovel in Baldur's Gate 3
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One of the more essential, yet underrated items to have in your possession at all times in a CRPG is a shovel. Sometimes, your perception or survival skills will kick in and tell you where there is a chest or other object buried beneath the ground. While you know its location, the only way to dig it up is with a shovel.

If you have run into this situation already in Baldur’s Gate 3 or are simply preparing for it, then you will want to know how to find a shovel as quickly as possible. Fortunately, shovels are not in short supply in the world of Faerun.

Getting a shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are numerous places you can acquire a shovel in the opening hours of Baldur’s Gate 3. I was able to find one sticking out of a dirt mound right near the wrecked nautiloid ship 30 minutes after crashing on the beach.

However, if you want a more reliable source of acquiring a shovel, I recommend simply going to a trader and buying one for a few gold. One of the first traders you will come across is a halfling named Arron, and they are located inside the walls of the Emerald Grove. You can reach them after defeating the goblin horde outside of the grove’s gates.

get a shovel in Baldur's Gate 3
Arron has one shovel for sale. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once inside the gate, you will find Arron on the side of the path with a trader symbol over their head on the mini-map. Speak with them, and you can view their wares after some dialogue. Among the items for sale is a shovel for a single piece of gold. You can buy it, stick it in your inventory, and your character will now never have to worry about digging for an object ever again.

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I suggest buying or finding a shovel for all members of your party. This is in the case of you splitting up with your party and one of your members being dead at the time a dirt mound appears.

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