How to get a Modern Warfare 3 beta code
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta is starting this Friday, Oct. 6 following the conclusion of the COD Next event on Oct. 5. The beta is the first time that most players will get to access the new title from Sledgehammer Hames and experience the glory of the remastered maps from the original MW2. While the Modern Warfare 3 beta is technically open to all players, you can play it early with a code.

Beta codes are hot commodities every year in Call of Duty, as they allow players to access the beta on their platform before others without a code can. It’s usually one to two days of early access time, which is a fair amount considering the beta only lasts for eight days in total. If you want to see exactly how to score yourself a beta code for Modern Warfare 3, check out the guide below.

Getting a Modern Warfare 3 beta code

The easiest way to receive a MW3 beta code is by pre-ordering any edition of the game. With your pre-order, you will receive a code you can redeem for early access to the beta. If you go through the pre-order digitally, however, your early beta access will be given to you automatically, so you don’t need to worry about a code.

For those that go through a retailer, such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, etc., you will receive your beta code on your receipt in most cases. Sometimes, a retailer will have a different way of delivering your beta code but most of the time, you can find it on the receipt, so make sure to keep that after checking out.

In addition to pre-ordering any edition of MW3, beta codes can also be given out by various sources. For example, the internet company Xfinity always runs a promotion where any customer of the company can receive a code by redeeming a free reward. There are several of those promotions happening around the world, so you’re not limited to just pre-ordering the game.

However, if you want a simple and easy beta code, then pre-ordering is the way to go. I recommend pre-ordering digitally, as this allows you to bypass redeeming a code and simply gaining early access to the beta automatically.

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