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Wondering how to get a green checkmark on every level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? There are a few things you need to do, making it a completionist’s dream. Here’s how to get the green check mark for every level.

Step 1: Get every Wonder Seed

You will need to get every Wonder Seed in a level to get the green check mark. These are the primary collectibles in Wonder and they can be a bit tricky to find. Make sure to explore each level and keep an eye out for Wonder Flowers.

At the end of the level, you’ll be told how many Wonder Seeds are in the level. For example, Pipe Rock Plateau has 35 total. You get them from completing challenges and searching the map.

Step 2: Collect Purple 10 Coins

You will need to get every Purple 10 Coin in the course as well. There are three in every course so make sure you’re always keeping track of that as you make your way through a level.

If you do miss one, you can replay the level and the ones you already collected will be transparent, meaning you don’t have to get them again.

Step 3: Get a Wonderful flagpole finish

Like every Mario game, you will need to jump on a pole to signify that you have finished the level. To get the Wonderful finish, however, you need to jump to the very top of the flagpole. To do this, you will need to dash and then jump as high as possible.

Step 4: Find every Secret Exit

Secret Exits in Wonder are a red or gold pipe. Not every course has one.