How to get a free Juggernog perk in MW3 Zombies
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Juggernog is undoubtedly the most iconic perk from the Zombies game mode in Call of Duty, and it has returned in Modern Warfare 3’s spin on the mode. However, perks are earned in different ways in MW3, and you can even get a free Juggernog perk in every single Zombies match you play.

Normally, you have to get perks in Zombies by either purchasing them from their designated vending machines, finding them in random spots on the map, or crafting them from a Schematic prior to a match beginning. Fortunately, there are some perks that can be earned for free as long as you complete a small task in Zombies, and this includes Juggernog.

To see how to earn a free Juggernog perk every time you play Zombies in MW3, check out my guide below.

Getting a free Juggernog perk in MW3 Zombies

For starters, you need to go to a specific quadrant on the map, which in this case is “C3.” This quadrant is located in the top-left part of the map. You need to go to where my green arrow is on the map screenshot below once you make it to the C3 quadrant.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Here, you will come across a house with a few umbrellas outside it and an unlit bonfire with several chairs surrounding it. On one of those chairs will be a blue teddy bear. To get the free Juggernog perk, you need to light the fire with either a Thermite Grenade or a Molotov. I recommend simply going into your matches with a Molotov, as it’s one of the options you can select in the Lethal Equipment section of your loadout. However, you can also find either one of these lethals fairly easily in Zombies.

Screenshot via Upcomer

With either grenade, throw it at the fire, and you should see the teddy bear catch on fire and disappear. After this happens, a purple reward rift will appear, which contains the free Juggernog perk you’re looking for.

Screenshot via Upcomer

As a note, this perk will only be attainable by you alone. Your teammates won’t be able to see the reward rift or acquire the Juggernog perk. They need to light the fire themselves and get the perk separately from you. To make it easier, you can drop them a spare Molotov or Thermite Grenade if you have one on you, otherwise, your teammates need to provide their own fire source. This can be done in any match of Zombies you play, so feel free to take advantage of it every time you drop into Urzikstan.

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