How to follow Rowland's map in 'The Tale of Rowland Oakes' quest in Hogwarts Legacy
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At some point in Hogwarts Legacy, likely after you have completed your first trial in the main story, you will come across a side quest called “The Tale of Rowland Oakes.” This quest is given to you by Adelaide Oakes, the niece of Rowland. Adelaide is a polite Hufflepuff student who has heard of your triumphs so far this school term and would like you to investigate her uncle’s apparent disappearance.

Rowland Oakes is a metal trader who might have gotten mixed up with Ranrok and his band of goblin loyalists. Adelaide was told not to leave the school grounds to try and locate her uncle, so it’s up to you.

If you want to see exactly how to follow Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy, check out my guide below.

Finding Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you start tracking this side quest, you will be taken to the north of Hogwarts, just west of Hogsmeade. Here, you will find Rowland’s previous camp infested by goblins. Take all of the goblins out and loot the area. You’re mainly looking for Rowland’s notes and his journal. His journal isn’t too important, but his notes will reveal a map that provides the location he went to.

Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes
Provided by Warner Bros

From here, you’re meant to find Rowland from this map alone, as the Charmed Compass won’t help out and you have no quest marker on your map. Luckily, we know exactly where this map leads to. If you open your map, you will see a location just southwest of your current position. The location is at the furthest point to the west of the area you’re in. This place is called the Korrow Ruins, and you can see a screenshot of where it is below.

Provided by Warner Bros

According to Rowland’s map, this is where he is. Either hop on your broom, mount, or simply walk there. At the ruins, you will need to defeat some goblins outside and then head inside. You can find the entrance to the goblin’s outpost on the second level of the ruins, which is accessible via a ladder on the first level. Yet again, you’ll need to fight several goblins as you keep plowing your way forward. Luckily, you have a quest marker to guide you, so keep following it until you reach Rowland, who is being held inside a room that has an enchanted lock guarding it.

To free Rowland, you need to find his wand. Head back up the stairs you came in from and then take a right, not a left. If you keep going right, you’ll eventually find a boiler room with several more goblins in it. Defeat the goblins, and then climb up some stairs to the second level of the area. At the end of the second level’s walkway, you’ll see a boiler that you can ignite with a fire spell, like Incendio.

Once the boiler has been lit, a large, metal door will open up on the first floor, and you can inside to find more goblins. Defeat all of them, including the goblin boss Pergit, and then head into the room on the right side of the area. Here, you will find Rowland’s wand sitting on a table.

Go back to Rowland using the marker on your map, give him his wand, and you will set him free. He will speak to you about his experience, but after that, this quest is complete. You can then start on another quest right after this one which sheds more light on the story with Ranrok.

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