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Starfield is a massive game with a wide array of planets to explore. But you may have noticed that it’s quite difficult — maybe even impossible — to get to other solar systems and stars. Here’s how to travel to other solar systems in Starfield.

Within the galaxy you’re already in, you can travel to different planets and even their moon. It can be confusing at first, however, to figure out how to land.

How to land on planets in Starfield

Once you open up your star map and select the planet you’d like to fly to, you need to hold down the travel button, which is X on PC. This will fast travel you to the planet you selected.

You cannot manually fly from planet to planet. You also can’t manually land on a planet. So make sure you have scanned the planet, selected the area you’d like to land, and press X.

This seems simple enough once you know, but a lot of players don’t have any issues moving planet to planet. They just want to know how to get to another solar system.

How to travel to a new solar system in Starfield

If you’re just starting out in Starfield, you may keep getting a warning that you haven’t traveled to a certain solar system yet, with the ship advising you to head to a nearby solar system instead.

But even when you fly to a nearby solar system, you still can’t figure out how to get to the original one you wanted to explore or finish a quest on.

If you’re unable to fly to new solar systems, it’s probably because you haven’t progressed in the main story enough. To get to new solar systems, you’ll need to start with Alpha Centauri. Once within this solar system, head to New Atlantis and enter The Lodge. You need to speak to Constellation and give them the Artifact, which will then activate a quest with Sarah.

Once that’s completed, you’ll have moved forward enough in the main story to freely go to new solar systems.