How to fix "Timed Out Waiting for Datacenters" error in Modern Warfare 2
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Activision-Blizzard’s newest Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2, continues to shatter records for sales and players. And that number will surely increase with the drop of the game’s first new content drop as Season 1 comes out on Wednesday, November 16 which brings in new weapons, maps, battle pass and of course, Warzone 2.0. But with the heavy load on the servers due to players rushing to play the newest content, things are bound to break.

The latest error that players are experiencing is causing frustration as it is preventing players from getting into games. While Infinity Ward, the studio making the game,  is working on a fix on their end, there is a quick fix that any player can do themselves to bypass this. Here is how to fix the “Timed Out Waiting for Datacenters” error in MW2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Server error How to fix "Timed Out Waiting for Datacenters" error in Modern Warfare 2

How to fix the “Timed Out Waiting for Datacenters” error

The “Timed Out Waiting for Datacenters” error seems to pop up in relation to the MW2 servers. Essentially, the game is telling the player that the servers are way too crowded which is to be expected on the day of a big content drop as the servers are struggling to keep up with the raw amount of players trying to access the game. But the fix is easy

Simply restarting the game should fix the error code. If a player is met with this error code, go ahead and close out of the program whether that be on console or on PC and simply restart the game. This will make the player join a new server which should not be as overcrowded.

Players can also try resetting their router if this fix doesn’t work, especially if the error persists; it may actually have to do with your internet service provider (ISP) and not the game itself.

Outside of that, there is no other fix. Unfortunately, this is something that will likely persist throughout the coming days due to the hype the game is generating. Just be patient and restart the game if this happens to you. The error should pop up less as Infinity Ward fixes issues on their end.

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